Compliance and Quality

Adhering to set standards, practices, industry rules and government regulation is crucial, no matter which industry you work in. However, in the apparel industry, conforming to recognized standards of production is one of the most important steps in order to produce high-quality products while achieving production goals and maximizing profits. Social compliance for garment factories can be difficult to achieve and are sadly not always being implemented in apparel factories around the world, mainly because it costs organizations money to be socially compliant. Additionally, garment factories are located predominantly in developing countries around the globe, such as China, Bangladesh, and India where cheap, forced or child labor often go undetected.

There is no way around social compliance in the apparel industry, and there are many unfavorable consequences of not meeting social compliance standards or working with noncompliant factories. Many brand owners don’t realize that adhering to social compliance regulations has many benefits and leads to higher revenue in the long run.

Compliance Checklist for a Garment Manufacturing Unit

Please find below the compliance checklist according to factory department or section wise.

Key Department under checklist:

♦ Management Documents
♦ Emergency Exits
♦ Aisles
♦ Emergency Lighting
♦ Fire Extinguishers/ Hose Reel / Hydrant
♦ Emergency Preparedness
♦ First Aid
♦ First Aid Kits
♦ Chemical Storage Area

♦ Signs/Labeling
♦ General Equipment / House Keeping / Electricity
♦ General Equipment / House Keeping / Electrical Hazards
♦ Lighting
♦ Machinery
♦ Waste Water Treatment
♦ House Keeping, sanitation and Hygiene Toilets, Dining and Kitchen Facilities
♦ Bathrooms / Toilets

CVS Global follow multiple tests for quality full products with modern technology

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Color Matching Box and Color Light Box

The colour light box assists in matching the products under different lighting conditions for colour consistency. Metamerism is a phenomenon that causes the colours of products to appear different in different lighting conditions.

Panton Chart

Pantone Inc. is now the world-renowned authority on colour and provider of colour systems for the selection and accurate communication of colour across a wide variety of industries. The Pantone® name is known worldwide as the standard language for colour communication.

Fabrics Cutter

To measure the fabric gsm accurately GSM cutter is useful. Fabric gsm is one of the important fabric qualities, based on which fabric costing and fabric quality, is determined. A GSM cutter can be used for cutting fabric specimen for any types of fabrics for checking the fabric weight.

GSM weight Balance

FABRICS Shrinkage

Shrinkage is the process in which a fabric becomes smaller than its original size, usually through the process of laundry. Cotton fabric suffers from two main disadvantages of shrinking and creasing during subsequent washing.

Button Pull Test

Button pulls test is used to determine the pulling strength of any type of button and snaps used in garments. It is also used to determine the holding or breaking strength of prong ring attached snap fasteners onto garments to ensure button fixed on the garments product properly. In this article, you will have an idea of button pull test SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) used in the apparel industry.